Effect of technology on human health and how to use it in moderation


Technology has become an integral and one of the most important parts of our lives, and also its influence is growing immensely by the day. From the smartphones to the laptops, the social media platforms to even online gaming, we are just surrounded by the technology and are relying on it to carry out our daily tasks. While the technology has brought numerous benefits to our lives, it has also had some negative effects on our physical and also the mental health of ours. In this blog, we will just discuss about the impact of the technology on human health and will also explore the ways to use it in moderation.

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Impact of Technology on Human Health:

Physical Health:

One of the most significant and dangerous negative effects of the technology is its impact on our physical health, though it is effective on our mental health also. We also tend to spend long hours sitting in front of the screens, leading to the poor posture of our body, the loosing of eye strain, and the back pain also. The blue light which is emitted by the screens can disrupt our sleep patterns, leading to the disease called insomnia and also the other sleep disorders.

Mental Health:

Technology has also had a significant and very effective impact on our mental health also. The Social media platforms have been directly linked to the increased in anxiety, the depression, and having a decrease in the self-esteem. Well, The constant bombardment of information on our minds can also lead to the information overload, causing our body to experience stress and anxiety.


Technology addiction has also become a real problem in recent years. People are spending increasing amounts of time on their devices, leading to a decrease in productivity and social interaction.

Ways to Use Technology in Moderation:

Set Boundaries:

well, One of the most effective ways to use technology is to use it in the moderation to set the boundaries. you should Set aside the specific times during the day when you will not use your phone or computer or any other such device. You could also set the limits on the amount of time the you spend on the social media platforms or even on the gaming.

Take Regular Breaks:

It’s very essential to take the regular breaks when one is using technology. One should Take a break of every 20-30 minutes in order to stretch your legs and for giving your eyes a rest. Yes, You could also take a walk outside the house to get some of the fresh air.

Practice Good Posture:

Poor posture is a very common problem that is associated with the prolonged of screen time. You should Ensure yourself that you are maintaining a good posture while using your devices. You can Use a chair with the good back support and also can adjust the screen’s height according to your eye level.

Get Enough Sleep:

The blue light that is being emitted by the screens can also disrupt our sleep patterns immensely. Ensure that you turn off all the screens at least one an hour before the bedtime and also you create a calming bedtime routine for yourself to help you unwind.

Seek Professional Help:

If you get to find that you are struggling to use the technology in moderation, then it’s essential to seek any professional’s help. There are many different resources available for this purpose, including the therapists and the addiction centers, that can easily help you to overcome your addiction with the technology and the social media.

In addition to the above ways to use the technology of modern world in moderation, here are some of the other helpful tips and tricks:

Prioritize face-to-face communication:

While the technology has made it much easier to communicate with the others, it’s very important also to prioritize the face-to-face communication whenever possible of not. This can surely help to strengthen the social connections and in also to reduce the feelings of loneliness or the isolation that can be associated with the excessive use of modern technology.

Engage in physical activity:

Having some of the Regular physical activity can help you counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting and the long screen time. One should Try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of the physical activity into his daily routine, such as going out for a walk or to jog, practicing the yoga, or participating in a team sport that one like.

Practice mindfulness:

Practicing the mindfulness, such as the through meditation or the breathing exercises, can also help reduce the stress and to also improve the overall well-being of that person. Set aside the time each day to practice your mindfulness, even if it’s just a few minutes, you must take it.

Use technology for positive purposes:

While the excessive technology use can have negative effects on our body and brain, using the technology for our own positive purposes, such as to learn the new skill it could be any skill that is particularly in demand, you should connect with others, or to engage yourself in a hobby, can have numerous benefits. Consider the setting of goals for how you want to use technology can surely bring comfort, and make sure that it aligns with your values and also your priorities.


In Conclusion, The technology has undoubtedly many benefits and brought many good things for mankind, but its impact on the human health cannot be ignored. The negative effects of the technology on our physical and as well as the mental health have become increasingly evident in the recent of years. However, by using the technology in the moderation, we can easily and effectively minimize these effects and can also enjoy its benefits without compromising our health and our well-being. One should Remember to set the boundaries for this, should take regular breaks after it, also practice good posture, get enough sleep, and should seek professional help if needed.Technology has both the positive and the negative effects on a human health, and it’s important to use it in a moderation to minimize its negative impact and to increase its positive effects . By setting the boundaries, taking short breaks, practicing the good posture, prioritizing the face-to-face communication, engaging in a physical activity, practicing the mindfulness, using the technology for positive purposes, we can enjoy the benefits of the technology without even compromising our health and the well-being. Remember, that moderation is a key.

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