Email marketing : A strategy to grow your business

Introduction :

Are you in a business? If so, don’t you wanna grow your business to the skies…let’s us tell you about the importance of email marketing in the growth of a business. And how email marketing can change your whole business.

What’s most important thing in any business. yeah, you guessed it right.. customer…customer is the most valuable asset in any business. You name basically email connects you and your whole business to your customers directly.

Introduction to email marketing : why it’s important for your business

You wanna promote your brand, wanna sell your product or any services email marketing is the righteous choice for helps you in building your relationship with you customers directly.

Though a powerful email marketing you can send Boosting emails to your customers and emerge them you buy your services. It basically triggers the buying response in cosumers.

There are a lot of reasons to use email marketing for your of the most common is that it’s least expensive and can easily fit in your budget and besides other such tools it helps you to reach most consumers in less time. Along being it’s least expensive it is also very much valuable in terms of the results it provide. You can easily examine the data of your customers. Such as how much time they have spent on your website and you can also measure the clickthrough rate and conversions of your customers which are very much effective in growth of your business.

Building your Email list : Best practices for growth and acquisitions

Email Marketing

Starting a business is not easy but getting that business to touch the skies is the most hardest part of it. That’s why there are a lot of tools so that you could help you business. Creating your email list can help you a lot in it.

Here is a list of ways you can create your own email list:

  1. Create sign-up forms on you website
  2. Use pop-ups
  3. Always offer content upgrade
  4. Use your analytics Data for sending right emails to right person
  5. Use referal programs for your brand

According to the Data about 85% consumers prefer weekly emails and remaining 15% prefer to have’em daily.

Maximizing open rates : Strategies for writing compelling and responsive emails

Well it’s well known that you can’t inspire anyone to buy or to even consider you services if you don’t know how to convince them. Convensing is the most important part of email marketing. If you can write response triggering email to your customers uou can easily grow your business.

According to studies the Marketing ROI of email is 42$ for 1$. Write about your product or your services clearly in you mails so that your consumers can easily understand it. You can give your customers various offers such as if you want quick response from them use pop-ups which will prompt them to download from a relevant resource.

Personalization and segmentation

Well personalization and segmentation are the main factors or you can say the most effective strategies to take a gain in the numbers of customer engagements and effectiveness of the email marketing campaign.


Personalization means to send engaging emails to the customers/consumers directly and individually based on their past experiences and their preference. It also includes greetings with the customers and recommending them the products or services based on their purchases their browsing history and their preference.


Segmentation on the other hand refers   to the division of the email list into smaller groups so that you could easily interrogate the preference of your consumers and sending most relevant emails to the groups based on their demographics their interests. This helps the marketers to send more appealing and more relevant emails to everyone instead of sending the generic message to the whole list.

By combining the personalization and segmentation marketers can generate highly effective and targeted email campaigns also these two factors can help marketers to build brand loyalty and building relationships with the customers, they can increase the engagement response from the customers and can increase sales of any business.

Email Deliverability : Avoiding spams

Email Deliverability refers to the point of reaching it’s destiny without being encountered by any spam or any security measures. Having the right email delivered to the right audience is very important for any email marketer.

One can use following steps to avoid spams and improve email Deliverability:

  1. Building a quality email list can help you a lot in this factor
    1. Authentication of your emails is also a good way to avoid spams
    1. Hire or use a reputable email service provider
    1. Don’t use any spam triggering words
    1. Provide your customers with easy way to subscribe/un-subscribe

By working on the above steps one can easily avoid spams and security measures for email marketing

Conclusions :

Email marketing is one of the best tools to reach high volume of customers in no time and to grow your business rapidly. Despite the social media growing at this high rate email marketing has proven itself the best way to communicate with the audience of your choice.

However to run a successful business (Email marketers) one should work on the email lists, Design, Deliverability, and their encounter with their audience and the preference of the their customers. Email marketing is the best tool of growth for any size of business.

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